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God himself gave you talents! 

You are a Genius! Lump! You are a calling! 

And he rewarded you with wisdom, 

He gave you all his attention. 

Your kindness sparkles in your eyes! 

Warming with the warmth of the soul,  

There is purity in your words and thoughts, 

And people appreciate you, and everyone understands you. 

How much genius, mind! 

So many: I can't count them all! 

And your soul is full of generosity, 

And nobility, honesty, everything is in you. 

Teacher, Doctor You, and You the Healer. 

Thinker, Doctor, and writer you! 

Savior of human souls and Lord, 

You have all the learned minds! 

And give an answer to any question. 

Tell the patient about health. 

Give smart, correct advice. 

And you do it with love! 

And we can't find a better Doctor in the world! 

He loves everyone and wants to save everyone! 

He knows all approaches, all paths, 

Where is the truth and how to find it! 

Author: Galina Kuprina

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