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Grateful feedback from subscribers, MIX for the summer of 2020

Hyperborea, 06/20/2020

Boris Rafailovich, your information is priceless! You are a superdoctor!

laylo raxmonova, 06/24/2020

I tell my children, acquaintances; follow the advice of the naturopathic doctor Boris Uvaydov in treatment - you will always find in them a RATIONAL GRAIN on your issue. Thank you for your principled, consistent positions. Tashkent.

Svetlana Polyanskaya, 06/25/2020


Nina Mihai, 06/29/2020

Doctor, is that what you call yourself? , have studied so many works of scientists, you have so much experience, and how about calling yourself just a doctor? Yes, there is no price for you, but the science of medicine! You are in the hundreds and more than a professor, than a thousand professors! You are a Genius and a Man with a Capital Letter!


Doctor, you helped me a lot, I ate lentils, sugar returned to normal and does not jump like from many carbohydrate products, doctor you are a genius, I used to think that once in lentils I didn’t eat carbohydrates, but now I ate sugar at a good level, thank you very much Boris Rafailovich what legumes suggested, God bless you and your loved ones, I pray to God for you and your loved ones and your mother, God will take care of her there)07/08/2020

I had a dull pain in my chest, it seems that because of everything that is happening in our country, it was scary and all the videos affected me. Thanks to this tincture of Dr. Boris, my pain was gone in two days. I directly rubbed my chest and tsp. added to tea. Powerful tincture! Thank you doctor!🔥🙏

Olga Popova, 07/14/20Today I spoke with Asker for the second time after a month of treatment. There are many positive changes in your program, and I already felt it now, and he confirmed this with the measurement results. I want to express my gratitude to you Anna, Asker and Boris Rafailovich for my salvation. Thanks a lot to Asker for his professionalism. He is like an ambulance, he is in touch every day, he always gives good advice, just a good fellow!!! Thank you all!!!


Good morning Boris Rafailovich, thank you so much for the video. You are my heart, my oxygen, I owe you a lot. Yesterday I had a castor oil cleanse with lemon juice, then a little bit of wormwood, from Monday to Friday, swimming in the sea today to pray for the church. That's my whole life. Thank you with all my heart.

Oleg Verbitsky, 008/3/2020

Hello Dear Boris Rafailovich! With Interest and Joy I watch your Videos and share them with Friends! You have a kind and bright Soul, Human! Thank you for the Knowledge and Enlightenment Acts! I want to share my Creativity, on the topic of Healthy Eating. The poem was written in 2012, maybe it will come in handy and be interesting to you, you can use it at your discretion... I live in Ukraine, the city of Vinnitsa... I wish you Good Health, Creative Inspiration and High Spiritual Well-being!!!< /p>

Galina Russu, 08/09/2020

I just stumbled across your video by accident ..but I think not by chance... A hundred thousand exclamations and thanks for your understanding of everything and its reproduction for people! Priceless Knowledge!

Sam Bradley, 08/13/2020

Boris Rafailovich, thank you for your invaluable, disinterested advice. I consider each video released by you to be golden, brilliant for us, ordinary people. I wish you long summers, and please with your presence for a long time on the channel and on the Internet!

Tatiana Drozdova, 08/15/2020

Thank you, if all people were like you, the world would be kinder. Thanks for the romance.

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