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Grateful feedback from subscribers. MIX-2 for May 2020

Reviews for May 2020


Amen. Thank you very much, BORIS RAFAILOVICH for your wishes, for the ray of light and hope that you sowed in my soul back in Batumi ... I am glad to announce that thanks to you, your instructions, your talent to read, unravel and tune people, the ice has broken from places and the son went on the mend... !!! Be sure to call and tell you about our results..!!! I also want to tell you that in February NICU fell ill with some kind of severe respiratory virus; fever, pain in all joints and all muscles, chest pain... and I cured him with my GOLD KNOWLEDGE received from you in 2 days, so he exclaimed; Well done, mom, it was not in vain that I received a diploma from BORIS UVAYDOV !!!! :) I kiss you, MY DEAR TEACHER!!!

Evgenia Bukhanets, 05/17/2020

God!!!! Poor child, he went through the torments of hell, you had such hopelessness ..... It’s nada from a child in our time to make an experimental one ... I cried so much that I still can’t calm down. I am so grateful to Boris Rafailovich for your daughter and all the people around the world whom he has helped and continues to help!!!!! Live long, long YEARS IN THE NAME OF ALL HUMANITY!!! GOD SAVE YOU!!! I LOVE you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Agrafina Isaakovna, 05/23/2020

Good time of the day Boris Rafailovich today listened to all your songs with a guitar, I have a mood and immunity in full readiness to dance all day long, I am inspired by your songs. My wishes to a wonderful person, so that there is always a guitar, your voice and many joys to our professor Uvaydov, so that we students can meet many times and get knowledge from you!!! With great respect, Agrafina Isaakovna!

Alexandra Leontieva, 05/25/2020

A pleasant, positive, comfortable, sincere person. Divine voice, I treat you and your creativity with deep respect. You are radiant, I adore you, take care of yourself, be happy

Nadezhda Vashchenko, 05/26/2020

Unlimited gratitude to Professor Boris Rafaellovich Uvaydov for his invaluable work, precious time, sincerity. You are an angel of heaven who spread his mighty wings in the name of saving humanity!!!!! People of the planet "Earth" !!!!! Health to you, mother, relatives and close people!!!!!

Nasipa Musakulova , 05/28/2020

What a blessing that we can watch and listen to such a Genius, an expert on the human soul, Doctor Boris Uvaydov!🙏🤲🏻❤️. I love you, Boris Rafailovich❤️

I had a dull pain in my chest, it seems that everything that is happening in our country was scary and all the videos affected me.

Thanks to this tincture of Dr. Boris, my pain was gone in two days. I directly rubbed my chest and tsp. added to tea.

A powerful tincture!!! Thank you doctor!🔥🙏

Nadezhda Batura, 05/28/2020

Doctor, you are the Light and bearer of the Truth of Health!

The global medical-chemical-pharma business has rebuilt the entire system of medical education to fit its needs with financial injections. not to look for the causes of diseases, but only to eliminate the symptoms, leaving the cause of diseases, so that people would be intimidated by impotence and constant fear of illness, and therefore depend on the doctor. In this case, the doctor becomes a sales manager for services and goods of big pharma.

And only TRUE DOCTORS aim to restore HEALTH in its natural, natural, harmonious state.

Olga Butakova and Olga Shishova help me a lot in this topic.

So I found you, which I am very glad about!

The task of modern medicine is to transform an acute disease into a chronic one" -- from the book "Dead Doctors Don't Lie

Aleksey Trizna • 29.05.2020

I watch all your releases with great interest. Impressed by your sincerity and selflessness. I recommend to all my friends to watch your scientific programs. This bestseller will form the basis of the future development of World Medicine. I have deep respect for you and rank you among the elite of the most prominent people of our time. You, Boris Vaidov, embody intelligence in the original sense of the word. I consider you my friend, companion, idol. I am immensely happy and grateful to the Gods that they introduced me to a Man who is not indifferent to the fate of mankind. Call me anytime. Trizna Alexey. Be my brother.

Αγραφινα Ταταριδου, 05/29/2020

I listened to this video today and filled all my batteries for the benefit of health and everyone and will always talk about proper nutrition

I personally bow before each of your performances, and again and again the blood flows in my veins, which is updated from your videos, I like all the videos, I swallow every word with a thirst to live anew with the new knowledge that I receive from your performance, this is air and water for me, which I lack.

Thank God that you are for the good of man. a thousand bows from me to you.

Zoya Socrates, 05/29/2020

Thank you Doctor! Great tips, life-saving tips! After watching your videos, I first of all changed my diet! This is one of the very important steps. A little bit about yourself. A year ago, seizures began both at night and during the day. My heart was suffocating, it hurts, I had no strength, during the night I got up 10 times under a hot shower and let go for 20 minutes and then all over again. I had no strength, drowsiness, the parish, no desires. Mentally I thought to whom to say something, saying goodbye. I went through an examination, a bunch of tests, and only one cardiologist after monitoring said that you have angina pectoris, a state of pre-heart attack and pre-stroke, Urgently prescribed pills and said for life. I was not satisfied for life because I did not feel any result. And I'm getting worse and worse, I even talked with difficulty. Nitroglycerin helped for a while. Apathy appeared, And my husband had an operation on his nose (replacement of the hip joint) and I think who will help him after the operation, I pulled myself together and began to change my diet first and heard from Boris Uvaydov about medicinal herbs I came across pine green cones and, fortunately, they gathered a forest nearby with my husband and I brewed and started drinking. On the same night, I slept normally and woke up 2-3 times. For me, it was a miracle. On the second day I drank three times a quarter cup, during the day I had 1-2 seizures. I have been drinking for seven days now, now I sleep at night. It happens once and then for 5 minutes. There are almost no attacks during the day. Today I pierced 6 beds, I don’t have any shortness of breath, I’m tired of course, but thank God for the fact that I found all this. Of course, it’s too early to say, but I want to live without attacks. I'm 60 I'll look for a month. They collected 4 more buckets of cones, made jam, and put the tincture on alcohol today in a dark place for a month and put it out again. All the time they listen to themselves. I don’t believe it straight. And I also started drinking clover! I hasten to share, maybe it will help someone! And Dr. Uvaydov Boris bows low for giving us valuable advice!

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