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Valery Marchenko, 03.08.2020

For half a year I have been studying videos on YouTube from Boris Rafailovich, and I have been trained in herbalism at RUDN University, and now I am also studying with the vice-president of the Association of Traditional Medicine. By the way, I was recently accepted into the Association of Traditional Medicine))))

This achievement started when I watched Boris Rafailovich's video on YouTube when he was talking about Zalmanov. My spirit is on fire. I then studied the works of Dr. Schulze, his teacher John Raymond Christopher, studied at the RUDN University, joined the association and finally began to study with the doctor

To tell you honestly, Boris Rafailovich understands the whole depth of the process much deeper than others. Others think mainly from the material side, bending around the spirit

And Boris Rafailovich is just bombing, I can tell you))) the concept of Mental detoxication just turned my head over) the subtleties of Iatrogenia, etc.) He is cool!

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