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Исцеление от заболеваний

D i s e a s e s

The whole complex of our therapy is aimed at strengthening the immune system and restructuring the body itself for recovery. An important point is the restructuring of the patient's psyche from the program of death to life and victory.

The authoritative word and the dynamic power of suggestion can either kill a man or save him from death.

Your worst enemies are hiding within yourself. Belief in your reserve forces is the basis of strong immunity.

To change the way you think means to change the way you live.

"Life is so much like a game of chess. With any disease, there is a way out and you need to fight to the end."
                                            Boris Wydoff

Directions of treatment

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Broncho - pulmonary diseases

Diseases of the endocrine system

We treat:

The main goal of my life is to demonstrate how to improve health and prevent disease, as well as to recover from most chronic diseases, including cancer.

I appeal to all those who groan under the oppression of modern harmful conditions, all those who feel sick, infirm and unhappy, all those to whom illness hinders the attainment of worldly goods and whose well-being by prolonged illness is either at stake or has been lost.

Health is a benefit we lose.

More than thirty years of experience and observation on myself and at the bedside in various clinics in the Union, Europe, Asia and America; of multifaceted reflection and study of chronic and cancerous diseases, all this has led me to the conviction that there is a treatment system that is diametrically opposed to the prevailing orthodox medical science in our country.

Unfortunately, alternative (unconventional) medicine is all too often ignored, but it has the potential to bring greater good to mankind.

The system I have developed can heal even the most hopeless cases, completely excluding surgical and chemical-pharmacological interventions.

Man is a particle of Nature, intimately connected to the whole of Nature and therefore as subject to all the laws of Nature as any organic creature living on earth. In keeping with this principle, the latest treatment system applies only the natural healing factors provided by Nature, such as pure air with negative ions, light, solar ultraviolet rays, temperature, water, movement, rest, massage, therapeutic musical exercises, magnetism, ozone, a raw diet, psychotherapy, complete intestinal cleansing and flora restoration.

All of these, tried and tested for centuries, remedies, when used correctly, never produce harmful side effects.

Dear friends, when treated with these, truly great healing means of Nature, all diseases and even cancer are cured more correctly, easier and faster than when using artificial drugs produced chemically.

My healing techniques in videos and books should show that with the right lifestyle according to the laws of nature, you can prevent any disease and prevent its occurrence, and also heal diseases.

May this information serve the people's welfare in the broadest sense of the word. May it enlighten the doubting, comfort the impatient, bring help and counsel to the weak and sick, comfort the desperate, bring relief and recovery to all who need it.

May this knowledge convince all that there is only one way to health and to protect it - a return to Nature, to natural life, to natural healing. Often unrecognized and neglected, but in reality a salutary use of the powers of Nature marks the greatest revolution in the field of modern healing and promises to be the Medicine of the Future.

Already now we see how modern scientists and doctors are rearranging their thinking regarding the use of alternative medicine.

Scientific and folk medicine seek to achieve people's health, and people's health equals people's well-being.

I feel a heartfelt need to express and share my views and philosophy about the ancient science of healing with natural resources, simple safe and reliable techniques.

More and more physicians around the world are beginning to use nature's limitless source of natural healing remedies to heal humanity.

My mission is to bring light, health and happiness to a sick person or people, for every person is born to be healthy and happy, to realize his or her dreams and earthly destiny.
Sincerely believing in the one creator of the universe, God, who gave me the spiritual need to help people, the more I help to heal the sick, the more God heals me! The more warmth and energy I give, the more I receive. The more I am around happy people, the happier I become.

This is a universal cosmic law.


My Mission

Areas of Expertise
Моя Миссия

Excess weight

Chronic diseases


Hepatitis A, B, C



High and low pressure

Urology and gynecology

Hair loss, nail problems

Skin and venereal diseases

Psycho-neurological diseases

(not all cases. check with the administrator)

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