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American Health Federation

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Борис Увайдов
Boris Wydoff

Professor of Naturopathy, Homeopathy​

Psychotherapist. Healer

Doctor of Nutritional Psychology

Master of Alternative Medicine

About the Doctor

Boris Rafailovich Wydoff has over 45 years of experience in research and practice of natural healing in Europe, Asia, USA and Russia. He is the author of five books on health.

Healer, master of alternative medicine, professor of naturopathy, psychotherapist, doctor of nutritional psychology, non-drug treatment specialist, lecturer and member of the American Health Federation, scientific researcher and clinic consultant in the USA and Mexico...

Доктор Борис Увайдов


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Отзыв о лечении

Natalia, Ukraine

Huge gratitude and low bow to an amazing person, Dr. Boris Rafailovich for missionary work in the matter of liberating a person from the negative influences of the external environment on health, happiness, and spiritual development.

May this difficult Path become for you, dear Doctor, a springboard for eternal life with God!

Отзыв о докторе

Rinat, Russia

He is a real storehouse of knowledge that the powers that be are trying to bury. He is one of the few people who continue to disturb this world so that it does not fall asleep from the sweet tales of obscurantism. Take a look around. Everyone is sleeping...
Trust the Doctor, listen to him. Wake up. Attend his seminars. Many thanks to the Doctor for his contribution to the salvation of man and his soul.

People be spiritual!!

Доктор Увайдов

Yana, USA

... and thank God my mother advised you. And in a week my hands began to revive, which the doctors could not cure for 7 months, of which the last 3 months were stuffing me with terrible chemistry.

And thank God he gave you to us, because I didn’t want to live with meat in my arms until Dr. Uvaydov met you!!!

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